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The Capital of Georgia is located in East Georgia, in “Tbilisi Cavernous”. It is lying on the banks of the Mtkvari (Kura) River 380-600 meters above sea level. To the north Tbilisi bounded by south foot-fills of the Saguramo Range, to the east Iori plain’s northwest segment and to the west and south by various endings of the Trialeti Range.

The Capital is spread on 720 square kilometers. Main water artery is The Mtkvari River crossing the city from northwest to southeast. Floods are common during spring and ea;rly summer and rivers are shallow in winter. The Mtkvari River’s right tributaries are: Digmis-Tskali, Vere and Cavkisi-Tskali Rivers. Its left tributaries are: Gldaniskhevi and Lochini Rivers. The Mtkvati riverbed in Tbilisi fluctuates between 425m (in Digomi) and 370m (in Ortachala) above sea level. Beautiful Mtatsminda is 719m tall. Nutsubidze plateau is a highest residential settlement in Tbilisi located at 700m above sea level.

Geographically the Mtkvati River divides Tbilisi into two clearly outlined segments: left and right embankments. Terrain of right embankment consists of the Trialeti Range’s fast descending hills into the Mtkvari River and gorges of its tributaries. On the left embankment is located Makhata Mountain with highest point 630m above sea level. Tbilisi terrain is characterized with clearly defined terraces.