History of Tbilisi 2017-06-08T13:22:22+00:00

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is an ancient center of Caucasus. Its history counts 16 centuries. From the IV century Tbilisi is a hub of Georgian identity and allures all Georgian within. Centuries haven’t passed without it’s tall. City has often been threatened by enemies, but was always defended by its heroes: sometimes conquered and sometimes victorious. Despite it all, the spirit of Tbilisi has never been broken.

Persians, Ottoman Turks, Byzantine Greeks, Russians were coming as enemies but were staying as friends. By its virtue, Tbilisi was attracting people of all walks of life, different languages and religion; it was allowing in contrasting cultures; and by doing so, city was enriching its self and ornamenting Georgia with its diversity.

Rarely in the World you’ll find a place, where enemy tribes have been accepted so peacefully and religious and ethnic groups, who coexist together in such confined space, find their corner to worship their Gods. Tbilisi has served and always will remain as their guardian angel.

We should know history of this magic ancient city. How did it all start? How it was evolving and defending created common values? How it was mirroring Georgia’s expansion and depletion? And despite it all, how did it manage to keep its aspiration to be the capital of Georgia and Center of Caucasus.