Manuchar Machaidze: Chess players regard me as one of them

Legendary Georgian football player and chess enthusiast Manuchar Machaidze came to support the strong Georgian chess player Baadur Jobava on Round 1 tie-break games. Mr. Manuchar, today you came here to support Baadur Jobava. Do you know him personally? No, he belongs to a different, younger generation. We have not interacted. We know that you [...]

Round 2 Game 1: Anton Kovalyov defeats Vishy Anand

32 participants of the World Cup returned today to the venue to play the first games of the second round. Only 7 games were decisive, while 25 finished in a draw. Magnus Carlsen defeated Alexey Dreev, David Navara won against Ivan Cheparinov, in two Russian derbies Vladimir Kramnik and Vladimir Fedoseev won against Anton Demchenko [...]

Top seeds advanced to the round two, while 22 matches will be decided on tie-breaks

The second games of the first round were played in Tbilisi on 4th of September. The majority of the top seeds proceeded to the second round by defeating much lower rated opponents. 42 players won their matches after two classical games: Carlsen Magnus (NOR), So Wesley (USA), Caruana Fabiano (USA), Kramnik Vladimir (RUS), Aronian Levon [...]

Magnus Carlsen chose White pieces at the Opening Ceremony of the World Cup

Magnus Carlsen chose White pieces at the Opening Ceremony of the World Cup. The opening ceremony took place at the Funicular restaurant in Tbilisi on 2nd of September 2017. The players and guests were greeted by the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia Tariel Khechikashvili, the ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the President [...]

Round 1 Game 1 Pairings

The drawing of lots ceremony took place in Funicular restaurant of Tbilisi. The reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) picked white colour. Round 1 Game 1 pairings are published below. Players will switch colours in Round 1 Game 2. * September 2017 Ratings WHITE FED. TITLE RATING vs BLACK FED. TITLE RATING Carlsen, Magnus [...]